Sunday, June 28, 2009

A relevant, comprehensive and synthetic analysis of the European elections

I have found on the FEPS think-tank's website an analysis of the European elections that I think is quite relevant, relatively comprehensive, and remarkably synthetic, which is always a plus point. Click here to access the FEPS analysis.


  1. The problem I have with the general PES attitude is that it doesn’t realize that it is working for a corporatist monster when it is dealing with the EU.

    For instance, in the paragraph entitled “ Issues at stake at European level” it states, "It is doubtful that Europeans know the effect that the EP has had on such issues as workers’ rights, gender equality and civil liberties."

    The self-styled European Court of Justice has made its presence known by imposing all sorts of judgements on workers rights that are only to the advantage of big business. Mostly these judgements are made to establish the exploitation of workers from poorer countries for the purpose of undermining the jobs, wages and conditions of countries such as Britain.

    I am a working class tradesman, a carpenter, and I wouldn’t know what socialism was if it jumped up and hit me on the head. I do know this, in the present climate and represented by people such as you and your friends, socialism means being a tool of big business. The PES is made up of useful idiots and the workers are being taken for a ride.

    Immigration is exploitation; it takes the best people from the poorer countries. Migrant workers are pawns to be manipulated by the EU whose policies are based on the advice of ‘Expert Groups’ made up of highly paid corporatist lobbies.

    The ‘Socialists’ did badly in the EU elections because the manual workers saw through it all. Unfortunately, Eurosocialist, you are on the wrong side of the street. (That is if Socialism is meant to be something that is seen to represent the working classes)

  2. Hello Anonymous,
    Your comment is very confusing. You mix up many things which have little in common and above all, nothing to do with the post topic. Besides, you insult me and my Socialist fellows and that is unacceptable. Note that I had the decency of publishing your comment because I believe in open and constructive debate. But obviously you do not seem to be open to debate yourself, considering the rather categorical views you express. It rather looks like you wanted to do some Socialist bashing. I am not going to take part in that.
    PS: Are you doing any sport? Because it might be a good way to channel your anger, much smarter than throwing it - anonymously on top of that - at people you don't know, just because they - on the other hand - are honest about what they stand for.